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Digital Marketing

Your digital presence is a large factor in the growth of your business. At a time of changing communication trends, digital marketing is the future. It lets you accurately target your prospective customer and communicate with them directly. We at Laungstacks provide end to end digital marketing solutions that help you in creating an identity for your brand and drive sales. We can manage your online advertising campaign, improve your presence online through SEO and content writing, optimise your investments and increase traffic through pay per click and retargeting advertising.
In addition to that, we also manage your social media presence by building engaging campaigns that let you directly engage with the consumer and build brand loyalty.

Email Marketing

Email marketing or direct mailing is the oldest and the most effective form of marketing. We at Laungstacks conduct detailed research as to who your prospects would be, prepare a mailing list based on a study of online behaviour and demographics. A list carefully curated to give you the maximum conversion ratio.

Our email marketing services are not only limited to creation and execution of mailing lists but also thorough and lead generation through extensive research.

Web Development

Your web design is where people notice you and everything else follows. And at Laungstacks, our aim is to design and develop websites that incite action. We understand that every business and unique and hence their website needs to address those specific requirements. Our team of experts offer not just web design but complete web solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses. We create highly responsive designs that make your user’s experience worth their time. Our services include website design and development, UX/UI development, open source customisation, E-commerce platform development and maintenance. Our professional team of designers, developers and testers work in close association to give you the best web exposure to your customers that help you grow, and that at extremely affordable rates.

Graphic Designing

Visual communication is an integral part of any business. At laungstacks, we understand the unique nature of small business and provide the best graphic design and animation solutions at affordable prices. We offer design solutions tailored to the needs of your organisation. Whether it is logo development, brochures, newsletters, marketing collateral and point of purchase creatives, we’ve got you covered. Through careful curation of the perfect layout, colour and typography, our skilled creative team works to set you apart through design. Our expert animators work closely with you from concept development to the final render. Our services include 2D and 3D animation, flash animation, animatics and much more. We pride ourselves on being one of the best animators that bring your company to life in the shortest possible turnaround time

Cold Calling

Cold calls are an essential aspect of business development. If you are wondering how to get new customers, Laungstacks is here to help. We understand how uniquely businesses work and can come up with a cold calling plan suited to the need of your business.
Based on extensive research and our database, we prepare detailed plans for B2B or B2C telemarketing campaigns that are guaranteed to improve your conversion rates. You can concentrate on your core business functions while we explore the prospective opportunities for you to branch out. Our cold calling services are not only limited to lead generation but we also define the target market, provide segmentation of your market and increase bottom line.

Startup Assistance

Start-ups can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Laungstacks is here to help you manage your business better so that you can optimise your growth and start scaling the heights. If you are a business that has just started out and are looking for assistance about how to navigate through the start-up ecosystem, you’ve come to the right place.
At Laungstacks, our team of start-up experts analyse your business and help you determine the best course of action for you. We also help you to develop your business and determine marketing objectives, help come up with a timeline for tasks, develop workflow to help optimise the utility of employees and help to establish your business.

Calendar Management

As you become more involved with the development and growth of your business, calendar management becomes an increasingly difficult yet important task to accomplish. Laungstacks has got your back! We help you manage your calendar so that you can work on the bigger tasks. We can schedule your meetings, set up reminders, mark important dates and even organise your events. And all of these while working remotely.

Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of businesses and particularly the importance of calendar management in establishing a business. We identify specific needs for your business schedule and help you meet them by providing remote assistance manage your daily tasks errands at an extremely competitive price.

Content Writing

Content creates a strong bridge between your business and customers. Trust factors and loyalty towards the business increases through content writing.Professional writings such as blog post, articles and other important web material in the form of informative explanation are associated with content writing. We have highly efficient professional content writers at Laungstackwho will help you by offering high-quality content. Our experienced content writers create high standard material for the web which usually includes e-books, sales copy, an essential text for excellent graphics designing and podcast. Laungstack e-commerce solutions provide you required content writing with the help of several Web formatting tools including JavaScript, CSS, HTML and many others as per the need of your business which will be suitable for your field with proper research. Highly qualified and expert content writers of Laungstack e-commerce solutions are here to deliver you a quality solution through content writing which will ensure the success of your business in future with great profit. People can get vital information regarding attractive business offers, newly added products and services from the official website of your business through top-notch quality content. For delivering valuable information about your business, our content writers are ready to provide instant content.Laungstacke-commerce solutions deal with the wide number of clients and give the best solution through outstanding content material to those clients also who are from outside India. Our content writers are highly focused on certain rules and guidelines for creating plagiarism free content which will secure your business from any kind of trust issues.

Travel Itinerary

Travelling is not only just booking the ticket and choosing an exact destination. The entire plan of travelling may get hampered due to not having a proper plan or travel itinerary. Travel itinerary ensures you to manage your schedule properly. Perfect travel itinerary must include appropriate planning according to your travel time. Laungstack e-commerce solutions offer better travel itinerary to guide all travellers by giving the details of traffic and weather condition. Our expert team is committed to providing a meaningful solution regarding your destination by managing the booking service, arranging safe and comfortable accommodation.Our travel itinerary helps you to maintain overall expenditure and guide you with the best cost estimation plan. We always give priority by informing the most authentic solution for choosing those countries which have large number of attraction and have pleasant weather with a clean environment for accommodation. You will not miss any particularly attractive places as our dedicated team will provide you with the detailed information with the emergency numbers including the nearby police station, hospitals and embassy.Efficient travel itinerary planners of Laungstack e-commerce solutions is always emphasized more on hassle-free travelling by delivering you pertinent information. It is obvious that you cannot travel all famous and attractive places of your selected destination at the same time. Our professional team will provide you with the best possible choices through which you can give attention. At Laungstack e-commerce solutions we prefer faster and easier travel itinerary to make your journey comfortable at a very affordable price. Our team will also ensure you about the time duration for staying at your destination place